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Scrap Metal Recycling in BlackburnWe’ve been in the business of scrap metal recycling in Blackburn for over thirty years. As we travel through our days we see people throwing money away. There might be an appliance sitting on the kerb for the taking, or a box of rusted tools thrown in a trash bin. Any items containing recyclable metal is money in your pocket; why throw it away? For many people, they don’t think it’s worth the effort. Fine, you have all the money you need; good for you. So instead of making it about money, take the long view. That box of old rusted tools have a history and now they can have a future if you are environmentally aware. We take the metal we buy from you and sell it to manufacturers as raw material for making new products.

It’s a noble cause, saving our natural resources by recycling the old metals. In Blackburn, scrap metal recycling directly impacts the cost you pay for new products. It’s cheaper to produce from scrap than from new mined ore. So if you think the money you receive for your scrap metal is too insignificant to bother bringing to our yard, do something useful with it anyway. Donate it to a charity or service club that collects scrap to raise funds. You could save them the handling and take the cash for your scrap and donate it to them. Now you’ve made a donation to charity and you are environmentally responsible. Your efforts can bring about long range benefits for many people.

Hopefully, you are feeling more inclined to drop off that box of rusty tools for scrap metal recycling in Blackburn. It looks like a box of old junk but multiply that by the millions of old boxes of junk metal the world over and you are now part of a worldwide movement to conserve resources and impact the cost of new products. For those of you who clearly know and understand that your scrap sales money adds up and makes a positive difference to your personal cash flow, your motivation is no less noble. Contact Nelson Metals to check metal prices or order a skip to hold your scrap metal. The impact is the same regardless of your motivation.

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