Scrap Copper Prices in Hyndburn

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Scrap Copper Prices in Keighley

Scrap Copper Prices in HyndburnGet the best scrap copper prices in Hyndburn at Nelson Metals. Our family owned and operated business has been established for over thirty years. Our long time success in the scrap metal business is based on fair prices and professional friendly customer service. We provide a collection service for our domestic, industrial and commercial customers where the demand exists. There’s no sorting needed when selling your scrap metal to us. Up to date technology can determine the type and weight of each metal in the pile so the price we pay to you for each metal is accurate. Collecting and recycling metals back into the economy benefits manufacturers, consumers and helps conserve our natural resources. This truth has been driven home to most earth dwellers over the last fifty years.

We all are tasked to reduce waste, reuse where possible and recycle products that are no longer useful. In Hyndburn, scrap copper prices are available by calling us or checking our website. The prices fluctuate with how great a demand for it there is but the demand for copper is always there because we use so much in the varied products we use today. Almost all electronic components will contain some amount of copper. Household appliances also contain various amounts of copper. The plumbing in our homes and conduit in commercial and industrial buildings are often made from copper. The cables that bring us electricity, the internet, cable TV and WiFi contain copper as do the products that use those resources.  

At Nelson Scrap Metal, we pay top scrap copper prices in Hyndburn. We then sell our scrap to those who melt it down and recast it so it can be used for the manufacture of new products. This is cheaper than mining new copper. Contact Nelson Scrap Metal for the best price for scrap copper. It has been estimated that over 40% of the demand for copper in Europe is met by recycling. That’s something to be proud of but we can do even better. We would encourage people to think before they dispose of electronics, appliances and scrap wire. The copper contained in them has value both monetary, environmental and economical. The copper you recycle impacts all three categories. So don’t throw it away.

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  • Great price for my scrap metal, thanks Tina

    Tina Griffith

  • Got a really good price for a load of copper out of my bathroom. Thanks

    Paul Wellman

  • Really friendly staff 5 star customer services called in today for some help and advice about a copper tank Nelson Metals staff could not do enough to help me thanks for helping me out service with a smile 😉

    Helen Meggers

  • quick service fair price s paid for scrap metals


  • Excellent service, great price would definitely recommend. Thanks Kevin

    Kevin Glover