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Commercial Scrap Metal in AccringtonCommercial scrap metal in Accrington may be a by-product of your manufacturing business. At the same time, scrap metal has value. You paid for the metals used for your manufacturing. So should the scrap pieces be tossed in the landfill or pinched by employees so they can sell it to us at our scrapyard and pocket the cash? We know, it takes up space and requires handling to extract the final profit from the scrap. Nelson Metals are professionals with a solution for your scrap metal management. Our family owned business has been established for over 30 years. We have a system for handling your scrap metal that is professional, efficient and reliable. You may need one off service or perhaps a monthly account would better suit your needs.

At Nelson Metals, we supply the skips in any size or shape that you require. For our customers in Accrington, commercial scrap metal collection is carried out with our own fleet of trucks that are modern and reliable. We do not outsource this service to anyone else. The service is designed to suit your schedule. We can even arrange for same day service. Your metals are weighed and the price agreed to before we ever leave your premises. Our facility is fully equipped to sort, separate and weigh but we can do it on site as well. There is a market for most metals, especially Complex, Nimonic, Aerospace Alloys. All transactions are transparent. Your payments are scheduled to suit and a running account is kept of all transactions.

Recycling commercial scrap metal in Accrington is a win for everybody involved. Your commercial company recoups the value of scrap metal and adds the funds back into your company. We manage the material handling for you which provides employment income for our staff that helps support the local economy. The metals are recycled into reusable materials that cost manufacturers less than newly mined metals. Nothing goes in the landfill. Contact Nelson Metals for more information about how we can help your commercial company manage scrap metals. We work closely with our clients to make sure the right system is in place for your needs.

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  • Great price for my scrap metal, thanks Tina

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  • Really friendly staff 5 star customer services called in today for some help and advice about a copper tank Nelson Metals staff could not do enough to help me thanks for helping me out service with a smile 😉

    Helen Meggers

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  • Excellent service, great price would definitely recommend. Thanks Kevin

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