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Commercial Scrap Metal in Skipton

Commercial Scrap Metal in LeedsNelson Metal wants your commercial scrap metal in Leeds. Why let scrap metal, which may be a by-product of your manufacturing process, go to waste? It has value and it can be recycled. We make it easy for you. We have multiple skips, containers and vehicles for collecting your scrap metal. Because the scrap metal has value, the containers are sealed. If we don’t have the container suitable for collecting your scrap metal, we’ll make one. Our commercial services are flexible by design. We can collect your scrap metal on a daily basis or any other schedule that works for you. One of our account managers will be assigned to your company and will always be available to you.

Prices fluctuate with market demand so before we collect your scrap metal, we agree on the current prices. In Leeds, commercial scrap metal can be weighed on-site at the time of pick up if it’s less than 3 tonnes. Otherwise, we bring it back to our facility for accurate and transparent weighing. Standard payment terms are 30 days after collection. However, we can offer some flexibility so payment can be made at the time of each pick-up or weekly. We maintain accurate and transparent records of every transaction. If warranted, we can supply you with a briquetting machine to reduce bulk. Your account manager is just a phone call away to discuss payment, collection schedules or any other concerns that may arise.

If you prefer, commercial scrap metal in Leeds can be delivered to us directly by your company. That works best for a few. Of course, our doors are always open to accepting scrap metals for recycling from all sources in any quantity, large or small. You will receive the same fair pricing and excellent customer service while on our premises. If you want to do business with the best family-run metal recycler, then we’re the logical choice. We’ve been perfecting our customer service skills for over 30 years. Contact Nelson Metals for commercial scrap metals recycling. We accept all metals, ferrous and non ferrous and pay the current rate for each. There is no need for sorting the metals; we have the equipment for quick efficient metal sorting.

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  • Great price for my scrap metal, thanks Tina

    Tina Griffith

  • Got a really good price for a load of copper out of my bathroom. Thanks

    Paul Wellman

  • Really friendly staff 5 star customer services called in today for some help and advice about a copper tank Nelson Metals staff could not do enough to help me thanks for helping me out service with a smile 😉

    Helen Meggers

  • quick service fair price s paid for scrap metals


  • Excellent service, great price would definitely recommend. Thanks Kevin

    Kevin Glover