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Scrap Metal Merchants in Burnley

Scrap Metal Prices in Burnley If you are wondering what scrap metal prices in Burnley are today, we have your answers. Prices fluctuate with the market as demand and availability change. We pay the highest possible price for scrap metal. However, we still have the cost of separating the metals because each is priced specifically. Metal values are not based on what the scrap was previously used for. We buy it by weight. To us, metal is metal and it will always exist. Regardless of where the scrap metal came from, once it’s recycled, it’s the same as if it came from the mine. One big difference is that recycled metals save the natural resources and require far less energy to return them to service. Metal lasts forever and we can keep recycling it.

Some metal products have a short life span, like appliances and cars, so that metal is more frequently recycled. In Burnley, scrap metal prices are the same even if the metal is from a 50-year-old barge. We buy all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are particularly interested in Aerospace Alloys, Complex and Nimonic materials. The most frequently recycled metal is steel. Nations use a lot of steel. You might say they are built on steel. Statistics show that for every 3 tonnes of steel produced today, 2 tonnes of it is old steel. We welcome scrap metal from all sources including domestic, industrial waste, manufacturing waste, end of life cars and other equipment. We are fully licensed and equipped with modern equipment and vehicles so we can offer you a safe and flexible service.

Scrap metal prices in Burnley may fluctuate a bit but not our customer service. We want your scrap metal. This has been our family business for over 30 years and we want to make it easy for individuals and companies to use our services. Our premises are quite safe for those who want to drop off scrap metal. We have a sorting machine that works fast and accurately calculates the weight of your metals. If your company generates scrap metals, let us put a skip on the premises for collecting the scrap and paying you the valued price. Anytime you want to know our going price on any given day, contact Nelson Metals. We are always happy to answer your questions.

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