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Scrap Prices in BurnleyNelson Metals base our scrap prices in Burnley paid to our customers on multiple factors. Those prices frequently change so we publish our prices daily or you can call us and check as well. The largest impact on scrap metal prices is supply and demand. That is true of all commodities. The price fluctuation is the result of local, national and international markets. For instance, the price we at Nelson Metals pay our customers for ferrous metals is impacted by how much new construction is being undertaken both locally and abroad. Then we factor in how much scrap iron is readily available on the world market to meet the construction demands. Finally, we have to factor in the quantity of newly mined ore likely to filter into the market.

In addition to the ratio of supply and demand for iron ore, the energy demands and cost for processing scarp and newly mined iron ore are factored in. In Burnley, scrap prices for non ferrous scrap metals are similarly affected by supply and demand. Look back on how the demand for copper rises and falls through the generations.  As it’s replaced in one sector with plastic, the demand hugely multiplies in the electronic and communication sectors. Demands for copper have risen so high at times, it has pushed the price paid for scrap copper so high that thieves were stripping it from public power and communication cables and trying to sell it to scrap metals companies.

Scrap prices in Burnley paid by Nelson Metals are carefully calculated through close market watch and our own market outlets. They do fluctuate but we are careful to supply frequent and accurate pricing information to our customers. As sellers, they want to receive top prices so they watch and hold for the highest price. For over thirty years, Nelson Metals has been paying the best possible prices to our customers, large and small. Contact Nelson Metals and set up an account. It’s very quick and easy. Walk it in to our facility and watch us weigh your scrap so you can be sure you’re getting paid our guaranteed highest price. For larger quantities, we offer skip drop off and collection.

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