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Scrap Metal Recycling in Halifax

Commercial Scrap Metal in HaptonWe are helping the environment by collecting commercial scrap metal in Hapton and sending it for recycling. Vehicles that are crushed and melted down are often used in the manufacture of new vehicles. New cars have up to 25 % of recycled metal incorporated into their bodies. There is a great demand for all types of metals from the iron rich ferrous metals to the non-ferrous aluminium, copper and brass that is used in so many industries. We pay one of the best rates for all metals but the non-ferrous metals are usually the most valuable. If you use any metal in the production of your manufactured good then save the off cuts and waste in a skip and we will collect it from your yard.

It is imperative that we recycle everything we can from paper and plastic to metal. In Hapton, commercial scrap metal is collected by us and sent to the various smelting factories. Here metal is melted down into reusable blocks that are bought by manufacturers. The metal is usually mixed with a certain quantity of new metal and then remade into new products. Metal can be used over and over again as can plastics and paper. There are few items of waste that cannot be used for other purposes. All of the recycled scrap metal is reusable and need never be thrown into a landfill site.

We are one of the best waste metal dealers who collect commercial scrap metal in Hapton. Contact Nelson Scrap today or arrange for one of our skips to be sent to your factory yard. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry and strive to keep paying the best prices for all your waste metal. We take great pride in our well-earned reputation for trustworthiness and honesty. We can test the content of any metal you may send to us to establish its composition and will pay you accordingly in cash. We supply skips and containers of all sizes for collection of scrap metal and if you have need of a specific size or design of container we can have one tailor made for you.

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