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Commercial Scrap Metal in HalifaxCommercial scrap metal in Halifax is an important cog in mechanised industry and manufacturing. At times, we take over an old factory building destined for demolition. We strip out all the old scrap metal from steel beams, machinery, copper plumbing and more. It’s hard and dirty work but we’re well equipped to handle it. Once the building is cleared, we take our large skips to our scrap yard and go about the business of recycling each type of metal. We sell it to a recycler that puts the metals through various treatment processes so it’s ready to sell to a manufacturer. The manufacturer uses the recycled metals to manufacture new products. Meanwhile, that old building has been demolished making way for a new one. Perhaps it will be fitted out with products made from some of the old recycled material we collected from the old building. As we go through the process, the carbon footprint is lessened for everyone.

Along the line in Halifax, with commercial scrap metal collection and ultimate recycling of the scrap metal we collect, everybody makes money. Our family is proud to have been a cog in this wheel for the past 30 years. Our customers are loyal and we strive to provide excellent service to all from first time scrap metal sellers to our longstanding monthly accounts. Equipped to provide efficient and safe service, we use our fleet of modern, well-maintained vehicles to drop off empty skips for our commercial customers to collect their scrap metal. A schedule is set up to suit each individual customer for collecting their scrap and removing it to our site. We can also drop and pick up a skip for large clean outs of domestic properties.

Our prices paid for commercial scrap metal in Halifax are always at the top of the market. That marker moves with supply and demand for recycled metals, but we still pay top money. Bring your scrap metal into our facility and we’ll put it through our sorter and weigh out your money due with complete accuracy. Everyone benefits from recycled scrap metal. Contact Nelson Metals for commercial scrap metal collection. You can depend on us for professional service on your preferred schedule. The frequency of collection will vary from customer to customer depending on how rapidly scrap metal is accumulated and which size skip you prefer to have on site.

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  • Great price for my scrap metal, thanks Tina

    Tina Griffith

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  • Really friendly staff 5 star customer services called in today for some help and advice about a copper tank Nelson Metals staff could not do enough to help me thanks for helping me out service with a smile 😉

    Helen Meggers

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  • Excellent service, great price would definitely recommend. Thanks Kevin

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